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Leigh Valentine Starburst Non Surgical Facelift Kit


At Leigh Valentine® beauty products, we pride ourselves in pharmaceutical-grade botanicals and antioxidants that will lift, tighten, and tone your skin… over 40 MILLION WOMEN CAN’T BE WRONG!

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The Leigh Valentine® Difference

Leigh Valentine® beauty products are clinically proven to firm, tighten, and tone your skin. All of our products are…

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Who We Are

Our company is an Anti-Aging health and beauty company that helps men and women, both, look and feel younger. Leigh first appeared on QVC in 2001 and was seen on the channel for the next 12 years with more than 500 live shows.

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I am 47 years old and I was looking so old and just plain tired all the time. My girlfriends all told me about the Valentine Non-Surgical Face Lift. The mask!! AMAZING! After just 2 weeks my coworkers kept asking me if I had a facelift on my day off? All I can say is it naturally rejuvenated my skin so quickly. My eyes lids are even lifted. I now use all Valentine products and I am glowing!

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Are you ready for a new you – to look younger and more radiant…? Then welcome to Leigh Valentine® Beauty.

You’re about to discover one of the most successful, established beauty brands – one which offers internationally recognized pharmaceutical and spa-grade health and beauty products.

Our labs use state-of-the-art equipment and technology, clinically proven proprietary ingredients, and scientifically tested, exclusive formulas to produce products that will dramatically improve the appearance of your skin.

Leigh Valentine® has exceptional instincts for knowing what people in the marketplace want for health and beauty. She produces high-quality, cutting-edge products to reinvigorate your skin for a firmer, lifted, smoother and visibly refined appearance.

Discover our products, and we’re positive you’ll become part of our loyal customer base.


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