I have used Leigh Valentine’s products for many years, and I absolutely LOVE the Non-Surgical Facelift Kit!! I also regularly use the GLOW Facelift in a Bottle and the Vitamin Enriched Recovery Cream. I’ve been a very good customer because these products really work. I can’t get the tightening and anti-aging benefits from any other product! That’s why I continue to use Leigh Valentine’s Skin Care products.

Sherry W - Dillon, CO

I have used the Non-Surgical Facelift Kit for 15 years…and I do not look my age! Everyone tells me this! The products lift and tighten my skin. I love the masque because it diminishes my wrinkles dramatically and gives me a healthy glow by deeply exfoliating!

Jo S - Carmichael CA

I absolutely love Leigh Valentine’s products!! I have used them for 8 years and I will not use anything else.

Evelyn R - Rockhill, SC

I order Leigh’s products every month and I look years younger than my true age!!

Mary B - Coralville, IA

People want to know what I use on my skin. No one can believe that I’m 81 years old!

Idona D - Union, NJ

Over 14 years ago I saw Leigh Valentine on a TV informercial selling her Non- Surgical Facelift Kit. I made my first purchase at that time. I continue to use it because her products lift up everything…including sagging skin!! My lines and wrinkles are truly decreased! I love the product and I’ll never stop using it!!!

Carmella P - Bear, DE

I like Valentine Beauty’s Product, GLOW Facelift in a Bottle! I look more dewy and it gives me a glow.

Jeanette M - Dalton, GA

QVC introduced me to Leigh Valentine Products. Now, for 15 years, I have ordered directly from her office. I look forward to regularly receiving the Firm and Lift Face and Eye Serum! People notice my skin. No one can believe that I’m in my 70’s!!! My friends don’t look as young as me. So, I suggest you start using Leigh’s Skin Care Products while you are young!

Maryann K - Peoria, AZ

Since 1998 I have used Leigh Valentine’s Skin Care Products. I saw her on TV and I have been a faithful customer every since. What I really love about the Non-Surgical Facelift Kit is that it deep cleans like nothing else! If I’m having a down day-it lifts me up and makes me feel better! My skin is tightened, and I look younger. I will recommend this kit to anyone who needs a Pick-Me-Up!

Grace K - Manistee, MI

My forehead is lifted without botox when I use Leigh Valentine Skin Care. The wrinkles on my forehead used to be so deep. This is AMAZING! Without injections, without botox-the wrinkles are lifted and gone! In the mornings, I look perfect and almost glossy!

Maria C - Glenview, IL

I like how the Non-Surgical Facelift Kit makes my face feel clean, tightened, and refreshed. I love how it makes my face glow! I am looking young at 67 and no one can believe my age!

Phyllis S - Springfield, OH

I continue to use the Leigh Valentine Non-Surgical Facelift Kit regularly because it’s so great for tightening! It helps with the little lines between the brows and forehead. It gets rid of wrinkles and tightens the jowls. It really just creates a more youthful appearance!

Joan W - Selden, NY

I have used Valentine Beauty Products for 20 years! And I can honestly say, I wouldn’t be without these products. I consistently get incredible, IMMEDIATE RESULTS!!!

Hester M - Cathedral City, CA

I have used Leigh’s products for over 10 years, and I do not look my age. I have tried other products, but I went back to Leigh Valentine Beauty Skin Care. It works! It really gets rid of lines and wrinkles. I personally like her Original Skin Renewal Booster Cream.

Blanca R - Rockaway, NJ - 78 Years Old

Sagging skin? That’s what I had. This product pulls up and tightens and lifts the skin! Everyone notices that the texture of my skin is better. My skin used to feel coarse and irregular. Now it’s soft with an even texture. I’m faithful to apply the Non-Surgical Facelift masque every week to achieve these great results!

Connie K - Temecula, CA

I have used Leigh Valentine’s Skin Care Products for at least 10 years. They have tightened my skin and reduced wrinkles! My skin is rejuvenated, healthy and strong. That’s why I continue to use Leigh’s products.

Doris T - Savannah, GA

For 20 years I’ve used Leigh’s Non-Surgical Facelift in my Day Spa. I have many products in the Spa, but this gives INSTANT RESULTS! All of my clients come back every month because they see a HUGE difference in the look of their skin.

Lisa B - Day Spa Owner - Bayside, NY

The GLOW Facelift in a Bottle has cleared up my blemishes and large pores. It has increased hydration and moisturization of my facial skin. Plus, the lines and wrinkles do not show like they once did. Everyone sees the difference!

Virginia H - Desoto, TX

I like the GLOW Facelift in a Bottle VERY MUCH! I helps me to look more youthful!

Patricia C - Phoenix, AZ

I have been using Leigh’s Non-Surgical Facelift Kit since 2003 where I first saw it advertised on TV. My skin feels plumper, firmer, younger-like 15 years younger than I am! After using the kit I look like I’m well-rested…like I’ve been on a vacation!!

Marianne W - North Hollywood, CA

I love Leigh’s products! They consistently give me dramatic results! That’s why I always come back to them. You may try other products but you’ll come back…just like I did!

Antoinette M - Phillipsburg, NJ

My jawline has been significantly tightened and lifted. I would recommend Leigh Valentine Skin Care Products for anyone who has a droopy jawline which is a difficult area to treat. I also like the texture of Leigh’s products. They’re light and not greasy yet they give me the anti-aging results I’ve always wanted.

Doris E - Carson, CA

I am looking younger than ever at 62! People think I’m much younger than I really am. In fact, my goddaughter is in her late 20’s and they think I’m her sister.

Latisha F

I am 88 years old and I’ve been using Leigh Valentine’s Skin Care Products for at least 10 years. My husband was watching TV, saw Leigh’s infomercial and recommended that I order. So, I did! I love the Non-Surgical Facelift Kit Masque. It works!! That’s my favorite! It’s one thing for cosmetics to work but when a masque works, you’ve got a good product! I find that everyone says I look younger…even as young as 65!

Jeri L - Canby, OR