About Us

Who is Leigh Valentine®?

Leigh Valentine® was raised in the Midwest and graduated from Stephens College with degrees in both Business Administration and Fashion Merchandising. After winning the title of Miss Missouri USA, she embarked on a successful career in modeling, in which she starred in national TV commercials. She also served as a national beauty consultant for Revlon, Estée Lauder, and Lancôme.
Driven by heartache, she established her own company, LEIGH VALENTINE BEAUTY ®, and began to formulate her renown Non-Surgical Face Lift Kit.


How did Leigh Valentine® start selling these products?

In 2000, she launched her products with direct selling as the cornerstone of her marketing strategy. This included infomercials and appearances on the QVC Network. The infomercial for her proprietary product, Firm & Lift Face & Eye Serum, became the No. 1 beauty infomercial in the country, running for more than 8 years.
Leigh first appeared on QVC in 2001 and was seen on the channel for the next 12 years with more than 500 live shows. Between infomercials and QVC, Leigh’s products sold over $300 million in the US and Canada.


Why did Leigh Valentine® create these products to sell?

Leigh Valentine® started selling the products because of a tremendous need in her life, which was her mom and her friends were always looking for the “next big thing”. After seeing this Leigh met with one of the top skin care chemists in the country – which led to working 18+ months together to create our revolutionary product line.
She would go back-and-forth to the lab over this timeframe to ensure the product was perfect! Putting in the time and effort has allowed her to help millions of men and women throughout the world and allowed the Leigh Valentine® product to sell over 50 million bottles of the serum call “firmalift” and over 40 million of the state-of-the-art “non-surgical facelift kit”.


When did Leigh start selling products?

Leigh Valentine® started her company in 1998 which led to having her products being sold on QVC, COSTCO, Bed Bath & Beyond, and so many other companies. After all of this she then decided to take the product directly to the consumer.


Where have these products been featured?

Her products have been featured in QVC, COSTCO, Bed Bath & Beyond as well as multiple Infomercials for the product to be sold. She has also been featured on multiple news correspondents such as FoxNews, CNN, CBN, TBN, National Enquirer, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, among many others.